Yogi G has provided me with a deeper sense of understanding and grounding since I have attended his meditation classes. His classes are deeply relaxing (providing a sense of calm), thought provoking, yet at the same time, fun and enjoyable. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone who is seeking to gain a better understanding of this world we live in.


I am pleased to write this Testimony of Service for Mr Gurmukh Singh Surdhar.  I have known Mr Surdhar in a professional capacity for almost 2 years now, having visited him as a physiotherapist/massage and yoga instructor. In both these instances he was a thorough professional, courteous, listening raptly to my health needs and issues and helping me to find appropriate and physical remedies for them. He undertook all his duties with care and consideration.  His yoga classes in particular have been calming, relaxing and beneficial. He is not only carrying out physical health work but is also always interested in the general well being and lifestyles of his clients. This is encouraging and very endearing to witness.  He is also very efficient at staying in touch with his client base through text and telephone messages.

I have enjoyed visiting him on numerous occasions at his Five Ways practice, in Birmingham, and will continue to do so in the future.

Sincerely, Dr Rajinder Dudrah
Senior Lecturer in Screen Studies

I started Yoga with G after studying with an established Yoga Studio in the centre of Birmingham. I had already learnt the benefits of Yoga and discovered that it had provided me with more confidence. I had discovered my backbone. I had however become quite angry about some of life’s struggles.

My true yoga journey began with G.  The  yoga and the emphasis on meditation meant that I have been able to find that balance and I have moved away from the maze I used to live in. My life is enriched because of it and I am the happiest  have ever been.  Although the studio is right next to a busy road, after 30 minutes of G’s class, the cars sound like waves on a beach!. The best thing about Yogi G is that he takes time to get to know his students and offers advice around individual circumstances. He has so many other skills that you have a truly holistic experience. He is very reasonably priced too!

Daphne Gallagher
Occupation: Customer Services

I have been attending yoga classes with Gurmukh at Extreme Relaxation for nearly a year here I enjoy the traditional style of yoga opposed to the classes offered at gyms.

I can remember my first class were my neck felt knotted with stress and tension which had gone by the end of the session.

I have seen an improvements physical mental, spiritually and psychologically. I have lost weight I’m a lot stronger and my flexibility has improved.I enjoy the classes not only for the exercise but also the Pranayama exercises that I believe has helped to stabilise my high blood pressure. It has also helped to release any stress and tension and enables me to cope with adversities of life. Therefore on a whole extreme yoga has had positive benefits on my mental and physical wellbeing.

Anthea Dacre
Social Worker

People who become their own bosses take on challenges in their everyday lives. With these challenges come more responsibilities which lead to health issues. Many of these health issues could be for example stress, anxiety and high blood pressure.

When I joined Gurmukh Surdhar the first session I went to I was suffering from high anxiety and stress. The first session was quite an experience going through the routine I slowly realized that my anxiety and stress was disappearing. I carried on going for another two or three sessions, as I did I became more in control of my body and mind I could do more strenuous jobs which didn’t affect me like it did before.


If anyone is suffering from the same symptoms as I did then I would certainly recommend Gurmukh as a form of  an antidote.

Parminder Bhogal
D K Rewinds, Sales Director

Gurmukh Singh has helped me enormously with his massage and yoga sessions. He has been very sensitive to my specific condition and has always been flexible and accommodating when arranging appointments. Gurmukh has created a relaxing environment and has helped bring mind, body and soul back into balance.

J S Marway
Analyst Programme

Wanted to say thanks for great yoga session. I had a great time and learned a lot from your instructions. I found your cheerful demeanor and depth of knowledge very reassuring.

When I first came along it was to sort out my bad posture from years in a driving job, after only a few weeks of practice, my breathing feels better, my head feels clearer, and people keep saying I look taller..  It feels great !

I am also interested in the spiritual development that Yoga seems to promote. Very much looking forward to next session, Would definitely recommend!

Havening Touch Practitioner
Belief change facilitator, Tarot reader, Birmingham

I have known Gee for a few years now and I have participated in his wide variety of holistic services ranging from massages to meditation. I have been a regular attendee of his classes and I have found them extremely useful on a number of levels. He takes his time to review how the class felt for me as an individual and genuinely wants to ensure that you get the most out his classes. I thoroughly enjoy being around him and absorbing the positivity he gives me. Thanks for all of your help and guidance Gee.

Amandeep Bedi