What is EFT

Emotional freedom technique or EFT is a highly potent technique that helps you control your thoughts. This particular technique was developed by Gary Craig in 1990 and has originated from Kinesiology and psychology. Tapping-to- free yourself from all the negative energies within your body. Tapping is a very simple procedure and effective technique between hypnosis and acupressure points(meridian points) Over the past years EFT has shown tremendous results in behavior, personal problems, reducing stress/depression.

  • EFT is a painless technique.
  • EFT works very gently
  • EFT works where everything else has failed
  • No pills or medication are required.

EFT helps in

  1.  pain management
  2.  smoking/drinking addiction
  3.  stress/depression
  4.  worries/grief
  5.  fears/phobias
  6.  migraines
  7.  weight loss
  8.  blood pressure etc…

”Take control of your life now” If you suffer from the above conditions please do not hesitate to contact us to book an appointment.

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